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The animals listed below are all looking for loving, safe homes! 

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Requirements for Adoption
Requirements for Adoption
Sometimes, we take in orphaned or homeless animals who require extra medical care. We often nurse these animals back from very poor conditions and become very attached in the process. Many of these animals come home with us at night for socialization with other animals and house experiences. No guarantees are made on behavior or health; however, we try to match pets based on their personalities and housing requirements as best as we can.
Applications are not approved on a "first come, first serve" basis.  Please understand that decisions are made with the best interest of the animal in mind.  All animals will be spayed or neutered prior to adoption and receive appropriate deworming, flea prevention and vaccinations according to their age. 

These animals are a lifelong commitment and will be adopted to people with a stable living situation and a good history of veterinary care. 

-All applicants will receive a "vet check" to verify vaccination & prevention status of your current animals.
-All animals in your household must be up to date on vaccinations.
→ Cats: Rabies Vaccination, FVRCP Vaccination
     → Dogs: Rabies Vaccination, DH(L)PP Vaccination
*Any animals not current on vaccinations must have a medical reason for not vaccinating*
-All dogs living in the household must be up to date on Heartworm Testing & Prevention
-All animals living in the house must be on a reputable flea & tick prevention schedule
-All animals living in the house must be spayed/neutered unless being used for responsible breeding.
-No “de-clawed” cats are allowed to have free-roam outside.